Husband Helper

photo 1If you are married, engaged or have a serious girlfriend, go to the App Exchange and download the Husband Helper right now!  This is an app that will keep photo 2you out of the dog house!  I was lucky enough to marry a woman with the same birthday as me, so I will never forget her birthday.  This app helps reminds you of important dates, as well as all your wife’s sizes!  I used to keep a small piece of paper in my wallet to try to keep track of all her sizes.  Now I just click on the app, select sizes and I have everything at my fingertips!  You can customize and add any size of something she loves to wear.  It also offers great date suggestions (see #15 and thank me later).  You or your wife can add onto the “Honey Do” list so you won’t forget.  There is also a Gift Idea section where you or her can add gifts you have seen or heard about when you were together.  This is a great app for guys!  Heck, who wouldn’t want to get a reminder a week before your anniversary so you don’t forget?  Want to see more, check them out on-line at  Download it today, thank me later!!

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