Hubsan H501A+ X4 Air Pro Advanced Drone

If you are researching about drones, take my advice, get a drone with a “home” feature and GPS!  Why you may ask?  Well the first drone I purchased lasted about 10 minutes before it was lost forever!  Come to find out, I am not the only one who this has happened to.  My wife was a little upset that she spent over $200 for 10 minutes worth of flight time.  I figured I would have no problem flying the drone, so I took it outside for a test drive.  Well after a few minutes I wanted to see how high it would go.  After about 200 feet, a gust of wind took the drone over my neighbors’ house.  Then before I knew it, another gust of wind took it out of the range of the controller.  Then it was gone forever.

After some research online, I came across the Hubsan H501A+ Drone.  The H501A has both the “home” feature and GPS.  The home feature allows you to push a single button and the drone returns to within 10 feet of the area where it took off from.  Had my old drone had this feature, I would probably still be using it today.  I will have to say, I’m kinda glad it didn’t come back, because the H501A is so much cooler!

Here are some of the feature of the Hubsan H501A+ Drone:

Key features and benefits of Hubsan’s H501A+ model include:
  • Contains both a high-quality video camera and photo features
  • 1080P camera resolution
  • Comes with a controller that enables drone pilots to fly with either Wi-Fi or 2.4G options 
  • Wi-Fi users can control drone through a phone app or pilots can employ
  •  2.4G using the controller to guide the drone and their phone as a screen
  • 20-minute flight time
  • Can travel distances of 400 meters
  • Has GPS positioning, automatic take-off and Return To Home features
  • 360-degree photography and videography
  • On-screen destination selection and easy control
  • Brushless motors
  • Waypoint Function
  • Orbiting function

All these features, and this drone starts at $199.  I average about 20 minutes of flight time and to me the coolest feature is setting on-screen destinations.  It is extremely easy to position this drone over an area, rather than trying to use a controller to manually hover.  Just select the destination, and off it goes.  There is also a follow feature, where the drone will follow you wherever you go.

For all the technical specs please visit Hubsan here.

I’m having work done on my roof, perfect time to test out the camera on the Hubsan H501.  These are an actual picture and video taken from the drone.




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