HTC 10 powered by Verizon Wireless

HTC_10_FRONT_Rev2_LRGIt’s been some time since I have tested an HTC phone ( so I was excited when the HTC 10 arrived at my front door.  As I opened the package the first thing I notice was the design.  It is slightly larger than my iPhone 6S with a sleeker design.  Ironically, the first thing I noticed was something I praised on the HTC One was the front speakers are gone.  Although they are gone, I found the sound from this phone was just as good.  Why, because you have a speaker at the top, and a subwoofer at the bottom.  If you don’t use the speakers, the HTC 10 is designed for superior headphone sounds as well.  When you plug in your headphones, you can set-up an audio profile for your specific preference when listening to music.  As crazy as it sounds, I like having the headset jack at the top of the phone.

Of course most people are more interested in the display.  What you get with the HTC 10 is a 5.2 inch super LCD Quad HD display.  That’s fancy talk for a great high resolution screen!  Of course what good is the screen if you can’t admire the selfie you just took with all your friends.  The HTC 10 comes with a 12 “ultra” pixels.  Ultrapixels is an HTC term for basically saying, “our pixels are better than yours!”  The HTC 10 features the second generation Ultrapixel technology so it’s nice seeing HTC put value in the camera knowing it is important in today’s society.  The front facing camera is 5 megapixel and has image stabilization, so if you are doing a selfie video, this could be huge for you!

The battery life is solid with a 3,000 mAh battery.  I’m always hesitant to give opinions onHTC_M10_Back_LRG battery life, however I am a pretty heavy user and never ran out of battery in an average day.  Of course my version of a heavy user and your version maybe very different, but for my usage (games, camera, mail and various apps) it passed the test!  There is a USB-C quick charge 3.0 connector at the bottom of the phone.  This is not your standard cable, so I would recommend buying a second one right away.

As far as performance, the HTC 10 is powered by the latest quad-core Qualcomm processor and 4 GBs of Ram.  Again, in layman’s terms, your games will run smoother, your videos will look better and the overall performance is sweet!

HTC 10 is powered by Android.  So if you are a current Android user, you will have access to everything you always have had.  As an iPhone user, it always takes me some time to find and download apps.

Although this phone is available unlocked for all service providers, I have Verizon Wireless to be the most reliable!  I can’t tell you how many times I have been right next to someone on another network where they have no signal, and not only will I have a signal, but also LTE internet connection!  To unleash all the power of this phone, all across the country, make sure you are on the Verizon Wireless Network!

If you are a fan of HTC, I think the new options and feature will make you want to upgrade right away.  If you truly want to see all the technical features and upgrades, visit

With most of the cell carriers no longer offering “free” upgrades, price point is becoming more important to people.  The HTC 10 starting price is $699.



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