Horror In Clay


Horror In Clay is a small company specializing in fine horror-themed barware and accessories, most known for their 2013 release of the Cthulhu Tiki mug.  Much like a clothing line, each Horror In Clay mug has complimentary artifacts that tell its story.  Jonathan Chaffin, the creative director, has a “bible” like you would find for a stage play that lists facts and details he wants each mug and artifact to reference or adhere to.  Their newest mug, The Innsmouth Fogcutter, is intended to be from the Gilman House hotel; a locale made famous in a Lovecraft story. This large Tiki mug also has an original backstory that is revealed through digital artifacts and other physical pieces (some of which are available as rewards through Kickstarter).

The Innsmouth Fogcutter currently has a project on Kickstarter to aid with a production run of at least 1000. The project has numerous pledge levels, which include such unspeakable oddities as The Gilman House Hand-towel, an Esoteric Order of Dagon Fez ( designed in collaboration with www.Fez-o-rama.com), a screen-printed Evolution of a Deep One shirt and more! You can contribute by visiting the Innsmouth Fogcutter Tiki Mug’s official Kickstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jchaffin/the-innsmouth-fogcutter-tiki-mug-from-horror-in-cl

Find other fine Horror In Clay products and information on Facebook at www.facebook.com/horrorinclay, on Google Plus,  at www.horrorinclay.com, or follow them at Twitter at @CthulhuMug.


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