Happy Hour Timepieces

HHR_IshOpen_HiResIt’s 5 o’clock somewhere!  Well, if you have a Happy Hour Timepiece you’ll know exactly when it’s 5 o’clock and be ready toHH-040 relax.  Whether I am playing golf or tennis, I like to unwind afterwards with a cold beer.  My beverage of choice always needs a bottle opener.  I search around my bags trying to find one only to realize I didn’t pack one!  Happy Hour Timepieces announces their new bottle opener series.  This is a stylish watch with a built in bottle opener on the strap.  Most people never realize the bottle opener is there until I crack open a cold one using just my wrist.  The watch is lightweight and doesn’t affect my play at all!  To see all of the Happy Hour Timepieces, check out their website at www.happyhourtimepieces.com.

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