Guideline Swell Sunglasses

Guideline SwellBy now you know I love to fish!  Up early in the morning, casting while the sun is rising there is just something about the peacefulness right before a large mouth bass pops onto your line.  Well even though it’s 5:30am I am still looking damn good with the Guideline Swell Sunglasses.   These are polarized, UV Ray protective polycarbonate lenses that not only give you a great view of the lake they are designed to last.  Not only are these glasses great in the sun, but also for low light and overcast days.  I will be honest and say I am not easy on glasses, so it’s nice to have a good durable pair of sunglasses to keep on the boat.  The are easy to store in a soft durable case that comes with the Swell sunglasses.  Guideline has a history of providing boating and fishing sunglasses that perform and the Swell live up to their name!  Check them out on-line or find the right style for you at!

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