Gotta Have Gadgets for Spring

Although it’s April and there is still snow on the ground in New Hampshire, it is opening day at Fenway Park so spring can’t be too far away!  Here are some Gotta Have Gadgets to help you enjoy the nice weather!

If you’ve followed my column, you might remember back in December, I had triple arthrodesis surgery on my foot.  For those not in the medical field, that means four incisions, 5 titanium screws and 31 staples.  I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to play golf this year, or ever again.  Well my entire view on playing golf this year was changed when I received a pair of the Puma IGNITE Hi-Top golf shoes.  Obviously, I am going to need the added support from a hi-top shoe, and honestly had no idea they were available.  IGNITE foam gives me the comfort I want, with the support I need.  Around the time I started talking about the Puma IGNITE Hi-Top golf shoes, Rickie Fowler showed up wearing them to a PGA Tour event.  The IGNITE Hi-Tops are waterproof (with my golf game I will certainly test that out), and the perfect fit strap gives me extra support.  I cannot tell you how happy I am to have these shoes and hopefully be playing more golf this year.  For more information on the Puma IGNITE Hi-Top golf shoes, visit them on-line at

I live for the phrase, “grip it and rip it!”  Being long off the tee is one thing, being long and accurate off the tee and you are giving yourself a chance for eagles, birdies and pars.  The Cobra King F7 driver gives me the distance and control I need to attack par 4’s and 5’s.  The beauty of this driver is you can get the feel of a custom fit, without paying the hefty price.  Through a set of three adjustable weights, and an adjustable shaft that allows you to pick the flight of the ball and loft of the club that fits your swing perfectly.  It’s difficult to know the effects of moving around the weights or changing the loft of your driver, however Cobra has partnered with Arccos and developed, “COBRA CONNECT”.  Cobra connect uses a sensor at the end of your club, your phone’s microphone and a GPS Rangefinder to give you instant feedback on how you hit each drive.  By now almost everyone on the course uses a GPS tracker, and almost all of them are on your phone.  Now use your phone to give you feedback you have never had before off the tee.  The combination of the feel of the Cobra King F7 driver and the powerful information you can gather from COBRA CONNECT, can help you become a better player off the tee.  If you are looking for irons, check out COBRA’s new line of KING F7 irons (available in both a standard variable length or single length design).  Here is my review of the Cobra King F7 irons predecessor the F6 from last season (  For more information on the Cobra King F7 driver visit

Speaking of Fenway Park, everyone wants their lawn to look like their favorite ball field or golf course.  For me knowing when to water my lawn so it looks its best is difficult.  I either end up not watering enough, or over watering my lawn.  Thanks to Hunter Industries managing my lawn just got a lot easier.  When I was looking for a new irrigation controller, I wasn’t sure where to look.  As I was replacing some of my sprinkler heads, I noticed they were Hunter Sprinkler heads, so I went on-line and started searching.  I knew Hunter Industries made the sprinkler heads, but had no idea they make everything you need to manage your lawn irrigation.  I decided the Hunter Pro-HC was the controller for me.  Hydrawise (Hunter’s water management system) uses data from a local weather station to decide when and how much water your lawn needs, it also has an app so you can control your system from wherever you are on your smartphone.  This may not seem like a big deal if you are on town water, but being from New Hampshire we are on a well system.  Not only do we need to conserve our water use, but if the sprinkler system is on, we lose a lot of pressure in our shower.  I can’t tell you how many times one of my kids will call to ask how to shut off the system.  Now they simply text me and off it goes.  If you are replacing your current controller, the Hunter Pro-HC controller was very easy to install.  Typically I call my landscaper or electrician for something like this, but after a quick reading of the installation manual I knew I could do it.  Here is a tip, take a picture of your current controller so you can see the color of the wires going into each zone.  Then simply match the color to the number on the Hunter Pro-HC.  Believe me if I can do this, you can do this!  The entire process, including downloading the app, setting up a new account, and adding in a schedule for each zone took me about 30 minutes.  Hunter Industries has everything you need from consumer products to professional products.  If you are having a system installed, make sure they are using the best parts which come from Hunter.  To see all the products Hunter Industries has to offer, go to you will be glad you did! If you are going hunting this year and want to try using a bow for the first time then get a beginner compound bows.

The one downfall of spring is that I have to wait until football season starts up again!  Of course, being a New England Patriots fan, we have the entire off season to celebrate our Super Bowl Championship!  After one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history, I had to find a way to commemorate this victory.  Let me introduce you to ScoreArt!  ScoreArt captures the greatest moments in any sport and turns it into ready to hang, high quality art.  No matter if you are celebrating the Patriots Super Bowl Championship, the Chicago Cubs World Series Championship, the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship or even your favorite NCAA March Madness win, ScoreArt has something for you!  If you have a man cave, or just want to show off your favorite team, visit

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