Golf Gadgets for Father’s Day!

Well if you are a golfer and have searched for new clubs or balls lately, you have probably seen the advertisement on Facebook for the C3i Wedge.  As I scroll through the comments, the number one thing that is asked is, “does this work?”  Well, based on my testing, it does!  The “AutoGlide Xtreme Glide Sole” lives up to the name and makes it very easy to hit this club off of any lie.  Ironically, the first time I tried this club was from a bad lie in the green side trap.  I remember from watching their video ad, take your normal swing and let the club do the work.  That is exactly what I did, the club glides through the sand and basically eliminates a fat, or skulled shot.  The ball came out clean, landed on the green and checked up nicely (unfortunately I missed the putt!) Now I play to about an 11 handicap, my uncle plays at a much higher handicap.  As we approached the 8th green, he found himself in the green side bunker.  I walked over, handed him the club and told him to take his normal swing.  He struggles greatly from the trap, so I thought this would be a good test.  He swung, the ball came out clean, and he nearly holed it!  I had a little struggle getting the C3i Wedge back from him and into my bag.  I feel I must tell you that this is a 65 degree wedge.  Most golfers don’t carry a 65 degree wedge, so you’ll have to adjust to find the right distance.  Once dialed in, the C3i Wedge will become your go to club from any lie around the green.  For more information and a 60 day money back guarantee, visit you’ll be glad you did!

If you are looking for a less expensive gift, I have the perfect set for any golfer, it’s call the “Grip Boost Bundle”.  This bundle includes a golf towel, golf glove and grip boost spray.  For me this bundle came at the perfect time, it was the beginning of the golf season, I had just cleaned the grips on my club, and still was a little disappointed I didn’t have the grip I wanted.  So just before my last round, I sprayed my club grips, and the glove and headed to the tee.  The spray was quick and easy, and only took about 15 seconds to dry.  I was instantly pleased with the additional grip I had from my grips.  I was a little concerned it would wear out quickly, but seemed to last my entire round.  I honestly noticed a big difference, and went out and shot a 39 for 9 holes.  It was the first time I broke 40 since my surgery last year.  My swing felt great, and I seemed to have a little more confidence swinging away.  Grip Boost has a great deal on this package until Father’s Day,  The Golf Essentials Bundle will be on sale for $24.99 (a retail value of $42.99) and available for purchase directly on the Grip Boost website with free shipping. This bundle includes:

  • Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0? – Premium leather palm for enhanced grip, mesh windows, and angled closure strap for tighter fit.
  • Anti-Slip Golf Spray – ?Adds long-lasting frictional grip to your golf clubs and golf gloves. Enhances grip through sweat and rain.
  • Tri-Fold Golf Towel with Washing Pocket & Clip – ?Absorbent, special microfiber blend golf towel with wet/dry pocket for cleansing club faces and golf balls.?  

I can tell you as a father and golfer, I would love any of the products mentioned above for Father’s Day!

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