Frogger Amphibian Towel and BrushPro Cleaner


brushpro_gray_blister Just recently named the Best New Product at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show, Frogger now has that distinct honor of Best New Product in back to back years!  Like most golfers I have a trunk load of golf towels.  After a round, I empty my water bottle on one of them and clean off my clubs.  I have tossed almost all of those towels and replaced them with the Amphibian Towel.  The biggest benefit of the Amphibian Towel is the wet/dry feature.  You can wet the inside of the towel, and the outside stays dry.  Heck, Im thinking about the amount of times I spit on the club to clean the grooves.  Well those days are over!  There are also convenient pull-tabs so hands stay dry while you open the towel.  There is also a mini-Amphibian towel for you golf balls.  No more searching for a ball cleaner, as this mini-towel works the same way, keep the inside wet to clean your ball then use the outside to dry.  Speaking of wet, I cant tell you how many charity golf tournaments I have played in when it rains.  As a matter of fact, the first year I ran a charity golf tournament, we had 90 golfers play during The Perfect Storm in New England.  This was the storm made famous by the movie The Perfect Storm.  Anyways, back on track, while playing in the rain, you use the Amphibian towel opposite as you would during nice weather.  You keep the inside of the towel dry, and the outside wet.  The beauty here is the inside of the towel stays dry even in the bad weather.  This is a perfect way to dry your hands and the grip giving you better play during bad weather.  For more information on the Amphibian Towel, visit

A cool accessory for the Amphibian Towel is the Frogger BrushPro.  I have tried everything to get my clubs clean, including a BBQ wire brush.  You are probably asking, How do you get so excited over a golf brush?  Well obviously its not just me as the BrushPro received a Best New Product award at the 2008 PGA Merchandise show.  One of the coolest features of this brush is the hide-a-way groove cleaner.  No more trying to clean grooves with a tee or scratching you clubs with a wire brush.  Simply flip up the groove cleaner and the metal tip gets even the hardest dirt out of the grooves.  A retractable cord makes it easy to store on your bag, which means you dont have to worry about leaving it in the cart, or on the tee.  The people from Frogger have made it easy with replaceable and interchangeable parts.  Simply pop out the groove cleaner and slide in the 2-in-1 shoe cleaner and your spikes will be as clean as when you started the round.  For information on the Frogger BrushPro visit  Your best bet is to go with the total package that is available on both sites which includes the Amphibian Towel, Ball Towel and BrushPro.

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