Fresh Balls by Fresh Body

freshballs-newOK, I’ll admit it!  When I first watched this video I thought it was a Saturday Night Live Spoof! All I could think of was the famous Schweddy Balls video with Alec Baldwin.  Once I realized this was a real product, I thought, “You know what, that makes sense!”  Let’s face it, a long car ride or sitting all day, no guy wants sweaty balls.  I’ve given Fresh Balls to several of my friend for their 50th birthday and of course everyone laughs.  Then a day or two later, I get an e-mail asking where I got this because it really does work.  I will spare you the pictures…lol!  Fresh balls goes on as a cream but quickly dries as a powder without the mess.  Let’s face it; there is no delicate way to talk about fresh balls except to say that it works!  For women, Fresh Body makes Fresh Breast!  Hey, I kid you not!  I’ll be happy to help to see if Fresh Breast really works!  Its taboo, its fresh and it works!  Check them out for yourself at!

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