F1R Flashlight from LED Lenser

If you recall, I found a great little flashlight a few months ago called the F1 by LED Lenser (http://www.gottahavegadget.com/ledlenser/).  Let me introduce you to it’s big brother the F1R by LED Lenser!  This powerful little flashlight is even brighter than what I thought was one of the brightest flashlights I had ever seen.  The F1R is 1000 Lumens (compared to 400 Lumens in the F1) which is ultra bright!  However, that is not the best feature of this flashlight!  The only drawback I found to the F1 was the battery life.  The F1R comes with a rechargeable battery!  As soon as I saw the email from LED Lenser that they had a new rechargeable, more powerful flashlight, I knew I had to have it!  At full power, the Li-ion battery can last up to 3 F1RSidehours!  The housing is waterproof, and it weighs only 4.2 ounces.  This powerful flashlight is easy to carry and puts amazing power right in your pocket.  After use, simply take out the battery, throw it in the charger and you are ready to go for the next time you need it!   LED Lenser is my first stop when I am looking for powerful light technology!  Check them out on-line at www.ledlenser.com, you won’t be disappointed!

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