The Eye-Fi is one of the best gadgets for your digital camera.  Simply put, the Eye-Fi is a wireless SD memory card.  That’s right, a wireless memory card.  You can upload your pictures directly from your digital camera to your computer and even Facebook or any other social media sites.  You can also geotag your photos which will automatically tag where the picture was taken.  This was so easy to set-up; I was uploading pictures to my computer and social media sites within minutes.  You can pick up to 35 wi-fi networks on a single card.  You could program in work, home, parents house anywhere that there is a wireless network.  You can also choose hot spots to connect to upload your photos.  Available in both 4GB and 8GB, or the Eye-Fi can be virtually endless memory if you chose the Explore/X2 version.  You have to see this for yourself at www.eye.fi!

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