Experience Buick Day 3

AvenirWell it wasn’t a full day, it was more like a few jammed packed hours at the North American International Auto Show.  Although I was there as part of the Buick blogger program, it was a chance to see what some of the other manufacturers were doing.  I’ve been to a few auto shows before, however this is THE auto show to be at.  This is the one where all the big name executives are as well as the time where they make their big announcement.  Of course Buick started things off with the introduction of the Avenir and Cascada.  When the day began, I was watching all the local channels talking about the Buick event from the previous night.  Reporter after reporter mentioned the sleek new style of the new Buicks.

We arrived at the show around 6:50am and immediately headed over to another GM brand, Chevrolet.  The news media surrounded the booth waiting for the big announcement.  Chevrolet rolled out their new Volt.  Chevy had actually brought in current Volt owners to let them know of all the improvements.  Not only can the Volt go further without charging or gas, the biggest announcement was the new MSRP of around $30,000.  To me that is huge as it is becoming more affordable to be able to move to a complete electric vehicle.  After talking to some of the Volt drivers, they were extremely happy about the new changes.GT350R

One of the other reasons I love to go to these shows is to get up close and personal with cars I will never be able to afford or drive!  One of those cars is the all new Ford GT350R.  I’m quite certain that vehicle will have an MSRP that is more than I paid for my house, and the reason I will never own one or even be able to drive one!  This is only one of the high end luxury vehicles on display, Porsche, Bentley, Alfa Romeo and Maserati all had some big announcements surrounding their new vehicles.

Just like Buick announce the Avenir which is their new concept vehicle, several other manufacturers announced concept cars as well.  It will be interesting to see how many of them actually make it to the show floor.  One of the most amazing things I saw there was an actual 3D printer that was Honda Conceptbuilding a car.  Could you imagine walking into a dealership and making customized changes for all your liking, then having it be “printed” and ready 4 hours later?  I was actually bummed I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see the car they printed the other day actually driving around the show.

I only had a few hours to roam the show before it was time to leave for the airport.  During those few hours there was press conference after press conference with exciting announcements with every turn.  The show opens to the public this week, so if you want to see any of these vehicles, they should all be on display.

Overall it was a GREAT weekend.  Some of the comments I saw on my first piece was that I didn’t see all of Detroit.  Listen, I know Detroit has abandoned buildings, they have their tough areas and have had some hard times over the past few years.  I also see a city that is working hard to change and to make change.  I have seen that change first hand in the city of Boston.  As a matter of fact the building that I work in during my day job was a former paper mill.  There is a bridge a quarter mile down the road that I was always told not to cross as that was the “tough part of Southie”.  Now I see a neighborhood that is booming and I walk around Southie at lunchtime.  It’s not the billionaires and millionaires that change a city, it’s the communities within the city that make the biggest impact.  Neighborhood by neighborhood the changes can come slowly, but spending money that was made by working in Detroit at local Detroit companies will do Detroitwonders.  I am actually looking forward to coming back to Detroit later this spring.  Perhaps the parts of Detroit I saw will continue to spread and help rebuild Detroit!  (Should I add in a few more of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I have uploaded over 250 pictures of Detroit and the North American International Auto Show to my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GottaHaveGadget simply click on the Experience Buick photo album and enjoy.


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