Energy Shot by MyCharge

Looking for a great stocking stuffer?  How about giving someone special an Energy Shot?  No not one of those 5 hour energy drinks, the power of 2000mAh to charge their mobile device!  The Energy Shot by MyCharge is available at local stores and will give you power when you need it most!  Let’s face it, with all the new apps out there, people are their mobile device more and more draining valuable power.  With one charge from the Power Shot, you can regain up to 10 hours of talk time.  Packaged to look like an energy drink, it is actually a great boost of energy for your smartphone! Simply plug in your USB cord into the Energy Shot and restore the charge on your device.  The really cool thing about the Energy Shot by MyCharge is that it is rechargeable.  After you charge your device, simply plug the Energy Shot into your wall outlet to regain the power.  Small, portable power is something everyone needs.  If you need even more power, MyCharge has an assortment of power supplies for any device.  Check them out on-line at!

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