Energi to Go® AP1500


If mom or dad have an iPhone give them more power!  You have all seen the Energizer Bunny, but did you know Energizer can power your iPhone too?  I received the Energi to Go® AP1500 just in time.  My iPhone was almost completely drained.  I simply slid the iPhone into the AP1500 and instantly had power.  What I like about the Energi to Go® AP1500 is it gives you a lot of power, but isnt big and bulky.  How would mom or dad like 255 extra stand-by hours, or 20 more hours of listening to their music, however they use their iPhone they will get plenty of extra battery life from the Energi to Go® AP1500.  Visit www.energizerpowerpacks.com to see all the benefits and other great products from Energizer.

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