Electric Bike Conversion Kit. A Decent Way in to the Ebike World

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As a year round biker in New England for work,  I started to take a look into Ebikes as a possible solution to the days that I did not have the strength to pedal it in. Whether it is one too many drinks the night before or one of my three kids under 4 deciding to tell me at three in the morning that there is something important that needs to be handled, let’s face it, some days biking in 5 miles to work when it 14 degrees sucks. If you want to know where to buy a good road bike click here.

That being said, it is still better than the T. Faster and more reliable in the winter.  I digress…

Ebikes!!!  Pretty expensive as a whole.  Heavy.  I went to the Vegan festive in Cambridge and tried out a bunch of them and the cheapest of them was over 1k.  Yikes.  One of them went like 40 mph and I enjoyed beating cars on Memorial for a minute, but all out of my price range.


I started looking around at  conversion kits because iI had a pretty decent old Trek Hybrid and I figured if i ruined it…Who cares.  I did a search on Google and one of the first results came from  Rear wheeled 48v Electric Conversion Kit. The price tag was about 245 bucks at the time, but I got a discount of 15% because it was my first order.  I figured.. what the heck and bought it.


Pros got it to me really fast.  Couple of days.

The engine is powerful and moves a husky kid like me up hills.

Fits on most Hybrid bikes that have 28″ wheels.

Once you get it set up, it is reliable.  I have used it 20 times and it works everytime.

Price- For 250 bucks, it is a very reasonable way to get into Ebikes, especially if you have a decent old hybrid that is gathering dust.

It can go pretty fast.  I took off the governor and I got it up to 27 mph in a parking lot (wink wink).



Was a little complicated to set up the rear wheel version.  Had to mess with the derailleur to fit the new gears.  Not a big deal but a little bit of a pain.

THIS IS THE BIG ONE…There are too many wires coming out of the control box.  The directions are terrible and it is not very clear what to connect to what.  That took the most amount of time to figure out.

PAS system was not reliable and ended up scrapping the functionality.

Racks and bag they sent will not hold the load of the Batteries and control box if you are going to do it on the cheapo and get SLA(SEALED LEAD ACID). With a lithium battery this would be less of a problem, but the cost will go way up.



Get the front wheel version. Way easier to set up as you do not have to mess with gears and derailleurs.

Don’t hook up the PAS or the auto braking functionality.  People might balk at this, but I just use my regular brakes and the throttle and it works fine all the time.  This is way way better than having 20 wires snaked all over your bike to accommodate the auto brake and PAS.  If you are still pushing the throttle and the braking at the same time, you should not  be using any bike.  Stick with walking..try not to drool a lot.

Don’t hook up the lights to the controller.  It will waste your battery, no need.  Use regular lights.


All in all, it was worth the investment.  I wish the directions were better, but I figured it out and I am not that technical. It has been reliable and durable and the cost is right for someone who has a commute that is a couple miles longer than they want to bike, but doesn’t want to break the bank buying an Ebike that is over 1k.  Just be warned that it takes some time to get used to the practice before heading out on the main roads.



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