E-ZCHARGE Docking Station


If you hate clutter, I have the perfect gadget for you!  Is called the E-ZCHARGE Docking Station.  This is a very simple concept that organizes all the wires and chargers that you have to keep things neat and clean.  Simply wrap your charging cord around the E-ZCHARGE and place your cell phone or mp3 player or Bluetooth earbud on top and there are no more wires all over your counter, also much safer for pets who get tangled up and chew on those long wires, and for kids who might trip from wires being charged on the floor.  It is a simple, inexpensive way to organize your chargers without losing valuable counter space.  The pictures tell it all, you can see them at www.e-zcharge.com for just $9.99 its a great way to help keep your clutter organized.

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