Dyson Tangle-free Turbine


I have been a big fan of the Dyson Vacuum (going way back to before I had my blog http://voices.yahoo.com/dyson-vacuum-gotta-gadget-really-sucks-476996.html and Dyson Handheld Vacuums (http://gottahavegadget.com/dyson-dc31-handheld-vac/).  Just when I think they can’t get any better, Dyson comes out with something new and creative.  I very rarely write about accessories, but this is one that I have too.  Not only is it a great gadget, but my wife LOVES when I have to test vacuum products.  I honestly believe Dyson read my mind not only with this gadget, but they also have a new vacuum that sensors what surface you are trying to clean.  When I was testing this, I actually said, “with technology the way it is, I shouldn’t have to push a button to when I go from a rug to my hardwood floors.”  Then “BAM” I see a commercial for their new product.  With the Tangle-free Turbine, this accessory makes it extremely easy to pick up pet fur, clean area rugs without getting all clogged up!  In addition, with the design you will not ruin an area rug when a single string of the rug gets caught up in the vacuum head!  This actually happened to me in an area rug where a string became tangled and I watched as it tore up the rug.  What I really like about this accessory is that it fits on all the Dyson products.  So not only do I use it on my Dyson Ball Vacuum, but the DC31 handheld too.  I love that I can do a quick vacuum of the dog fur on the couch with the handheld before guests arrive.  So if you have a Dyson product, check out http://www.dyson.com/tools/t/tangle-free-turbine-tool/tangle-free-turbine-tool.aspx as the Tangle-free Turbine is definitely a Gotta Have Gadget!

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