Dyson Air Multiplier


Want the coolest looking and probably safest fan to beat the summer heat?  The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan has no blades!  You look at this and say to yourself, How the heck is this a fan?  You probably recognize the Dyson name from their famous vacuum.  Knowing Dyson revolutionized the bag less vacuum, there is no shock here that they have now revolutionized the fan!  The Dyson Air Multiplier fan oscillates; it has a touch tilt and it is easy to clean.  Unlike a standard fan, the Dyson Air Multiplier delivers smooth airflow instead of the choppy and uneven flow of a bladed fan.  Of course there is a price to this kind of cutting edge technology; however it is unlike anything you have ever seen or felt.  Visit www.dyson.com to see all their latest and greatest inventions!


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