Interactive Toy’s- Duck Hunter


Duck Hunter Review


Kailen Richards The MGG aka “The Mini-Gadget Guy”

My name is Kailen and I am seven years old. My Uncle Mikey has lots of cool stuff, he calls them gadgets. He is always getting new gadgets and he loves to show them to me and my whole family. It doesn’t matter to me what he calls them as long as I get to play with them.

Last month, he asked me to help him out. He said I have a really cool thing that looks like a duck and can fly around the room or yard. So I said, Sweet!

He then showed me how to make it fly. All I had to do was put the duck on the tip of the charger and hold the lever for 10 or 11 seconds. Then I took the duck off the charger and flipped the switch to ON. The wings started flapping and I tossed the duck into the air and it flew around the room. My dog Holly chased the flying duck all over the house.

Then my Uncle Mikey said, Why do you think the charger is shaped like a gun?
So I said, I dont know, why is the charger shaped like a gun?
Then he told me the coolest thing of all, he said, So you can shoot the duck down out of the sky!
Then I said, AWESOME!!!!

I quickly recharged the duck and tossed it in the air out in my yard. It flew away and went about as high as the telephone wires in the street.
Then, I loaded the gun by pumping the slide, I aimed it at the flying duck and pulled the trigger. I hit it but it kept flying after it dropped down a little bit.
I loaded the gun again, aimed, shot, and hit the duck again. It dropped again but it was still flying around the yard.
I was thinking to myself, One more time.
So I loaded the gun again and aimed it at the wounded duck. Ka-boom!! The duck plopped onto the grass. A direct hit!!

This toy is awesome!!
It can really fly and I can shoot it down!
How great is that?

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