Dollar Shave Club

Every once and a while you just ask yourself, “What the F$%K am I doing?”  I admit it, I bought into all the big brand marketing schemes.  My former razor has a “AA” battery to make the handle vibrate.  I paid over $20 for an 8 pack of refills.  Hell, I would try to go 2 1/2 weeks between changing blades knowing I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg again for new blades!  So like many people, I saw the above video on a facebook post.  I laughed, chuckled and shared the video.  Did I join?  Not right then.  I found myself searching for coupons to get my favorite blades cheaper.  Well, finally dawn broke over marble head!  I decided, what the heck, I’ll try out the dollar shave club.  So I visited!  They have 3 different options ($1, $6 or $9) blades.  I went with the “Executive” or the $9 version.  The package arrived quickly and came with a few bonus items (shave butter and gentleman wipes).  I am going to be honest and tell you #1 I hate shaving, #2 I have to shave in the shower because I bleed like a Zombie if I don’t.  I was a little skeptical but figured one shave wouldn’t hurt.  I tried the Shave Butter and was very nervous that it wasn’t the typical big white shaving cream I typically use.  The first shave was GREAT!  I think you are going to get a good shave with any new razor, so I waited for days 3, 4 and 5.  Well, its been several weeks and all I can say is I am still getting a GREAT shave.  With the cost of these blades, I can put a new blade on every week and not have to worry about the high cost.  Dollar Shave Club’s video claims “Our blades are F$&king Great!” and I would have to agree!  Take my advice, visit today, sign up and use the money you save to buy yourself something awesome!

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