Creative HD Vado

The Creative Vado is a hand held pocket video camera. I first fell in love with the Vado when I originally tested this cool camera. Since then, Creative has released a High Definition Vado. Just when I thought it couldnt get any better, the Vado HD was a pleasant surprise. There are so many times when a digital camera just cant capture the moment. This is where the Vado shines! With technology getting smaller and smaller, you can easily carry your favorite digital camera and the Creative HD Vado in a standard camera case. What makes the Creative Vado stand above the rest is the storage. You can record up to 2 hours of HD plus (highest quality) or 4 hours of HD quality video. All this from a pocket video camera that fits in the palm of your hand, is extremely easy to use and delivers superior video quality. Not only is it easy to record your video, but it is just as easy to upload to your web page or download to your desktop through a built in USB connector. Sure there are other pocket video cameras, but the Creative HD Vado is on the top of my list. Creative is quickly becoming on of my favorite manufactures, for all they have to offer, visit

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