Creative Aurvana X-Fi noise canceling headphones

aurvana_x-fi_01If you ever want to slip away in your own little world, I highly recommend the Creative Aurvana X-Fi noise canceling headphones. These may not be my wifes favorite as a few times when the kids were running wild; I was testing the noise cancellation feature and didnt hear her calling. The sound coming from these headphones is truly amazing. I wear the Aurvana X-Fi headphones with my eyes closed and it feels like I am in my own tiny universe. Three different settings allow you to pick the best sound for your listening style. The settings are noise canceling, X-Fi CMSS-3D® and X-Fi Crystalizer®. Noise canceling is just as it states, eliminating 90% of background noises. X-Fi CMSS-3D® gives you virtual surround sound while watching a movie from your MP3 player. X-Fi Crystalizer® enhances digital music giving you details you may never hear from your standard audio headphones. Probably the best feature of the Creative Aurvana X-Fi noise canceling headphones is the price. With an MSRP of $299.99 these headphones cost far less than their competition and sound far better. For all the features, benefits and technical specifications visit

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