Cooper Cooler


There is always one guy who will show up to a party with warm beer.  It never fails, last minute they run into a store and pick something up from the shelf.  They are usually the guys that will throw 6 beers in the freezer and end up forgetting about them so they end up freezing.  Well with the Cooper Cooler, within minutes you can have ice cold beer (or other favorite beverage) and not have to worry or wait for your beverage while its in the freezer.  Simply take some ice and water, insert them into the Cooper Cooler, add your wine bottle or beer can, hit the desired setting and based on your setting will have your beverage at perfect drinking temperature within minutes.  For wine bottles the Cooper Cooler spins the bottle which rotates the bottle of wine while the cold water chills the bottle, however you dont want to be spinning your beer can or bottle so simply hit the no spin button when cooling your carbonated beverage.  The Cooper Cooler also comes with a car lighter adapter so you can bring it while tailgating or camping.  If you want to see a demonstration of how it works, go to

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