Cobra XRS R10G Radar Detector


When I was in college, my home and girlfriend were just 45 minutes away.  A gadget I certainly could have used back then is the Cobra XRS R10G Radar Detector.  I am not advocating speeding; however there are times when a radar detector comes in handy.  Like those late night trips to the all girls college with all your buddies.  The Cobra XRS R10G Radar detector alerts you on all types of radar, but also has some pretty cool features that other detectors simply do not offer.  With the wireless remote, you have a second speedometer that uses GPS to measure your speed, a lifetime subscription to the AURA Database which alerts you to speed and red light camera locations, dangerous intersections or even reported speed trap locations.  Something I find very useful is the emergency vehicle warning that lets you know when an emergency vehicle is approaching.  Another nice feature is the smartpower that automatically shuts down the unit when the car is turned off so it doesn’t drain your battery.  Cobra is the leader in Radar Detection, and has many different radar detectors, GPS systems and Bluetooth systems for every traveler.  Before you hit the road, visit and make sure you are protected.

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