Cleveland RTX 4 56 degree wedge

There are very few “go to” golf clubs that I have in my bag.  Since I am a long ball hitter, I usually have a short approach into the green.  The one club I can always count on is my 56 degree wedge.  When you think of wedges, Cleveland Golf has to be one of the top on your list.  So when I received the email from Cleveland saying they were sending me a wedge to test, I was very excited.  It has been a long time since I changed my 56 degree wedge.  The first thing I noticed when I pulled the club out, is that it was heavier than my current wedge.  I immediately thought that would help me in the rough, and I was right.  No matter what lie I have, this club helps me get out and onto the green.  Cleveland offers the RTX 4 wedges with multiple designs to fit your specific game.

The product video talks about “better players” hitting this wedge get a better feel.  Well as an “average” golfer, I can also feel the ball come off the face.  When I put it in my bag, the first round I played was my best round in months.  I hit my 56 degree wedge a lot in 9 or 18 holes, so I know it had to do with this club.  I found I was able to attack the pin more, getting the ball to stop on the green.

At the MSRP price of $139.99 I feel it is worth every penny.  The Cleveland RTX 4 wedges come in a variety of lofts, shafts and soles, which allows you to find the right wedge for your game.  Check out all the available options at you’ll be glad you did!

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