Chestnut Hill Sounds George iPod docking music system

Chestnut Hill Sounds GEORGE is one such product.George is a tabletop audio system that is sending shockwaves through its competition.Chestnut Hill Sound based in Newton, MA has hit a homerun as powerful as a Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz smash out of Fenway Park!If you have an iPod, the George music system is a 125% Gotta Have Gadget.

One of the coolest features of George is the remote control. The remote actually mirrors the menu on your iPod. So if you can navigate an iPod, you will feel right at home using the George remote control. So while your iPod is docked to the unit, the remote control gives you the exact same menu, as you would have if you were looking at your iPod. If you decide you would like to switch to the radio, a simple push of a button and you are listening to your favorite radio stations. There is no longer an AM/FM button, as George has the bands integrated into one BANDLESS tuning system. To make it even easier to find your favorite station, you dont have to remember which button is programmed to a specific station as the 24 pre-set buttons display the station.  Its great when I am using my treadmill as I take the remote, place it right on the treadmill and I have full control of my iPod with great sound.

All these features are nice, but why do you purchase a unit such as this? The answer is simple, the sound! George has a sound that simply fills any room. I can honestly say, Move over Bose, there is a new sheriff in town and his name is George. FIVE speakers in this compact system gives you incredible sound from any device. I still cant verify where the five speakers are in this compact unit, but I will tell you the sound from the moment I turned it on has been outstanding.

At a MSRP of $499 (including charging stand), George offers much more than many similar priced or even higher priced units. Ease of use, great sound all in a compact device are just a few reasons why George should find a place in any room in your house. Visit them on-line at

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