You see it all the time, the mad dash to find a plug to get a charge for a phone. The seats near a plug in an airport are the first ones taken all the time. In a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I found people waiting forever to charge their phone. How would you like to have enough power to charge your phone three times with only a 15 minute wait?

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Aspire Eyewear


I would like to introduce you to Aspire Eyewear. The first thing I noticed when I opened the case was there is no hard connection to the glasses from the earpiece. You know what I am talking about, where that annoying screw is that always seems to need tightening. Aspire Eyewear’s design includes a screwless hinge that allows far more flexibility than any other glasses. As far as the earpieces, Aspire calls their proprietary material SDN-4, I simply call it brilliant! SDN-4 is a specially designed nylon that is incredibly strong, light weight, heat resistance material that gives you that “barely there” feeling. SDN-4 makes Aspire Eyewear 50% lighter and 50% thinner than plastic frames, and 22% lighter than titanium frames.

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iPro2 Car Dock by iBOLT

iPro2 iPhone6 snowcanyon

I have searched and searched for the perfect cell phone holder/charger for my car. I have tried some of the infomercial ones, only to have my phone fall off in the middle of my commute! I have finally found a solution that not only secures my phone, it also stays firm to my windshield, charges the phone and completely interacts with my Ford Sync handsfree system, it’s called, iPro2 Car Dock by iBOLT.

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iCoffee SteamBrew


When it comes to my morning coffee, I am NOT a single cup kind of guy! I don’t want to wait until the machine warms up, I am never awake enough to figure out how many ounces a cup is that I grabbed from the cabinet, I simply want a great tasting cup of coffee. Let me introduce you to the iCoffee by Remington, SteamBrew.

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Nokia Lumia 1020


I’m not sure if the Nokia Lumia 1020 is an amazing camera with a built in smartphone, or a smartphone with a built in amazing camera! I am baffled by the amount of people I see in and around Boston, or even when I travel to Disney, who lug around an iPad to take pictures. It’s even funnier when they attempt to hold out their iPad to take a selfie! The Nokia Lumia 1020 features a 41 megapixel camera.

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Horror In Clay


Horror In Clay is a small company specializing in fine horror-themed barware and accessories, most known for their 2013 release of the Cthulhu Tiki mug. Much like a clothing line, each Horror In Clay mug has complimentary artifacts that tell its story.

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