The Man Table

man table

So, what is a “Man Table”? Perhaps you have seen one, but never knew the true secret of the man table. The man table is a beautifully hand crafted end table that would look great in any living room or man cave. I know what you are saying, what makes this an instant hall of fame gadget is that within this beauty, is a built in refrigerator!

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RC Remote Cooler

RC Cooler Solutions IMG

This could make it into the Gotta Have Gadget Hall of Fame! The RC Remote Cooler will be the topic of conversation at any party. It certainly isn’t as nice as having your favorite Hooters Girl bring you a beverage, however when you are out on your deck, next to the pool, or in your living room its pretty sweet picking up the remote control and having this cooler deliver your beer.

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Loudmouth Golf Clothing


If you are a fan of John Daly, you have probably seen his clothing style. I have raised a lot of eyebrows at work, on the golf course, heck pretty much anywhere I go wearing my Loudmouth Golf clothing. For those who know me, I am loud no matter where I go. Now I have the pants and shirts to match my loud style. You gotta have game to pull off wearing your Loudmouth Golf gear.

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Bowflex Revolution and the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells


Fitness Gotta Have Gadget hands down goes to Bowflex with the Bowflex Revolution® and the Bowflex SelectTech® Dumbbells. The only thing these machines are missing is a size 10 boot that could come up behind me and kick me in the butt to use them more.Millions each year make their resolution to lose weight (like me again) and if you are serious about putting together a home workout routine, Bowflex should be part of your plan.The Bowflex Revolution® is a compact, complete home gym.

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