2016 Buick Regal AWD GS

October 19, 2015 mconrad 1

I had the opportunity to take a test drive of a 2016 Buick Regal AWD GS. The Regal GS is a combination of luxury, technology and performance. Complete with leather heated front seats, a powerful Bose audio system, heated steering wheel, sport designed gas/brake pedals and digital display makes the interior of this vehicle is stunning.

Experience Buick NCAA Championship Weekend

April 8, 2015 mconrad 1

Coming into this weekend and being from Boston, all I really knew about Indianapolis was I hated the Colts! Come on, Peyton Manning and now Andrew Luck, there have been some epic battles over the years. I knew absolutely nothing about the city itself.

Experience Buick Day 3

January 13, 2015 mconrad 0

Well it wasn’t a full day, it was more like a few jammed packed hours at the North American International Auto Show. Although I was there as part of the Buick blogger program, it was a chance to see what some of the other manufacturers were doing. I’ve been to a few auto shows before, however this is THE auto show to be at. This is the one where all the big name executives are as well as the time where they make their big announcement. Of course Buick started things off with the introduction of the Avenir and Cascada. When the day began, I was watching all the local channels talking about the Buick event from the previous night. Reporter after reporter mentioned the sleek new style of the new Buicks.

Experience Buick, Experience Detroit Day 2

January 12, 2015 mconrad 0

After lunch and an attempt of a quick nap, the second part of our weekend “Experience Buick” began. We headed over to the East End Market where Buick was having their press event. Late last night, we received word that Buick was coming out with their first convertible in 25 years called, “Cascada!”

Experience Buick, Experience Detroit

January 11, 2015 mconrad 3

Heck, I knew it was going to be cold, but being from New England it was actually warmer here than it was in New Hampshire the past few days! I also expected an old school mill town with not a lot going on. Let me tell you, I was WRONG!

Experience Buick

January 8, 2015 mconrad 0

I have been chosen to take part in the “Experience Buick” promotion! I am extremely excited to learn more about Buick and tell you about some of the great things that Buick has lined up for some bloggers to do throughout 2015! The first event surrounds the 2015 Auto Show in Detroit, MI. This will be my first trip to Detroit as well as one of the biggest auto shows in the country. Stay tuned for some great pictures and content from these events!