Bose SoundLink Color

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When it comes to audio there is one name that stands above the rest, Bose! So on my journey to find a great sounding bluetooth speaker, it was no surprise when I reached my destination to find a Bose product! This has been a long journey as I have tested several bluetooth speakers. Most bluetooth speakers promise small packaging with a big sound, but fail to deliver on the big sound.

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Slingbox 350


I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to watch the Masters on-line and get frustrated because the video is bad or you wait for so much time for the video to load. How would you like to have complete control of your cable or satellite box while you are away from the house?

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Casio Green Slim Projectors


During the Super Bowl this year, I was projecting the game in stunning 1080i High Definition Video onto a screen that measured 9 feet x 5 feet! Typically projecting an image that size you lose quality, however this was certainly NOT the case with the Casio XJ-A150 projector. The Casio Green Slim projector is so easy to set-up; my 13-year old daughter had it up and running to watch a Boston Bruins game while I was out running errands.

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Orb MP-1


The Orb MP-1 is something every music lover needs. Are you tired of lugging around speakers, or hooking your iPod up to your stereo? I know I am! I want to control all my music and not be limited to where my iTouch or Android is located. Simply hook up the Orb MP-1 to your stereo system, and you can control all the media from your computer with the Orb Controller for your iPod, iPhone or Android and free Orb Caster on your computer Windows or Mac.

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The Eye-Fi is one of the best gadgets for your digital camera. Simply put, the Eye-Fi is a wireless SD memory card. That’s right, a wireless memory card. You can upload your pictures directly from your digital camera to your computer and even Facebook or any other social media sites.

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iLuv iMM183 Dual Dock Alarm Clock


Here is a gift mom and dad can share! The iLuv iMM183 Dual Dock Alarm Clock will keep their relationship strong as there will never be a fight to see who gets to charge their iPod using the iLuv iMM183! Why you may ask? The dual dock in dual dock alarm clock is not only because there are two alarm settings, but there are two iPod docking stations which both charge your iPod or iPhone at once! Once you choose which one to listen too, the sound from the iMM183 is impressive! There are some other features which I think are pretty cool.

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Philips DC315 Docking System


Philips makes some great gifts that are perfect for the holiday season. In keeping with the iPod touch/iPhone theme earlier, the Philips DC315 docking system would be a great gift for the business executive on your holiday list. What is cool about this system is you can dock your iPod touch or iPhone, connect the system to your PC via a USB cable and synchronize your contacts, to-do list and calendar.

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Polk Audio SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater

polk IHT

There will be a bunch of people who get a new High Definition Television for a gift. What these people will soon realize is picture quality is only half the need for a great viewing experience. Then they will start to look into expensive 7.1 surround sound systems that are not only costly but nearly impossible to hide all the wires around your living room. Well for great audio; look no further than the Polk Audio SurroundBar® SDA® Instant Home Theater.

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HO-T-3G-8900 B

Since I have recommended a lot of electronics, this next item fits perfectly! If your kitchen counter looks anything like mine, you have cell phones, Blackberry, iPods and other items being charged and wires sticking up everywhere. The Powermat allows you to charge multiple devices on one Powermat. Once connected, simply place your device on the Powermat and you will have a full charge in no time.

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