Cardo System’s G4 PowerSet

Does dad own a motorcycle? Cardo Systems’s G4 PowerSet is a Bluetooth headset that helps motorcyclists stay connected while riding. The Cardo System’s G4 PowerSet comes in a package of two that are paired together to help riders communicate with one another. The G4 Powerset has some great cool features. First you can communicate with another rider with a range of up to 1 mile! Secondly, with the Click-to-Link™ feature, if you see another rider with a G4 PowerSet, you can easily connect to communicate with that rider. Thirdly, with the multi-device connectivity, you can listen to your MP3 player or connect to your cell phone in addition to talking to your riding partner. Fourth, having the windscreen mouthpiece will reduce the amount of bugs in dad’s teeth! For more information or technical specs, visit them on-line at


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