Callaway uPro GPS

upro_01 There are a lot of golf yardage gps gadgets out there, but none offer a hole preview like the Callaway uPro GPS. The uPro GPS offers an aerial view like you would see watching the PGA on a major network station. The fly over gives you a unique perspective on the hole you are playing, giving you a helicopter view from tee to green. Now the aerial view comes with a price, but unlike other GPS devices, there are no annual fees. If you dont want the fly over feature, you can update your uPro with free course layouts. For the pro layouts, which include the fly over, you can purchase credits. The benefit of this is you just pay for the courses you want. From what I found, most courses run only a couple of credits to purchase. There are bulk purchase plans for credits so you can load multiple courses. Another cool feature is the uPro software is built into the device, so there is nothing to load on your computer. Just hook up the USB cable and you will be up and running in no time. The Callaway uPro offers all the other benefits of a golf GPS by giving you target landing zones, potential hazards and accurate distances. For more information on all the Callaway uPro has to offer, visit and click on Shop.

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