Callaway Solaire Starter Golf Set


Callaway has great gifts for mom!  If mom is jealous of all the time Dad spends on the course, perhaps its time for her to take up the game of golf!  Callaway make the perfect starter set to give mom the freedom of the fairways.  The Callaway Solaire starter set comes in a 9 or 14 piece set.  What is perfect about this set is it includes everything mom will need!  It comes with a stylish cart bag which includes a 10-way divider top, soft line valuables pocket, built in shoe compartment and two removable accessory pouches.  Of course what good is a bag without the clubs?  Callaway includes a great mix of woods, hybrid irons, traditional irons and a putter.  My moms who tested these clubs love the selection Callaway included in the Solaire set.  The Solaire set makes it extremely easy for mom to take up the game of golf.  The mix of hybrid and standard irons will give mom the confidence to hit both long and short shots.  Making it simple for mom to take up the game will help her enjoy the game of golf as it was meant to be enjoyed by all.  Choose which Solaire set will be better for mom at

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