Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go

Is dad always on the go?  Does he have to stay connected via his laptop?  If so, trying to find a wifi hotspot or paying $20 per day at a hotel is a pain.  Virgin Mobile’s MiFi® 2200 with Broadband2Go can give dad instant nationwide Sprint® 3G network coverage.  Dad can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the 3G wireless internet with no contract needed!  It doesn’t matter if dad has a PC or Mac, the Virgin MiFi® 2200 can connect to either with very little set-up.  The pay as you go is probably the best feature of the MiFi® 2200 because dad can change his plan based on his personal needs with Broadband2Go plans as little as $10.  Backed by the Sprint® 3G Network, dad can find the coverage he needs.  Check it out at

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