Every wonder if you had a good night sleep?  Ever wonder how many times you wake up during the night?  Wonder no more by using Beddit Sleep Monitor!  Beddit monitors several different items as you sleep and the best part is you will never know it!  Beddit utilizes a thin sensor strip that you place on your mattress under all your covers that monitors your heartbeat, respiration and movements while you sleep.  Simply plug the sensor strip into the wall, and connect Beddit using your smartphone, select “start sleeping”  and Beddit does the rest!  When you wake up, simple click “stop monitoring” and Beddit will gather all the information from the night before.  You will get a report showing your nightly score, total sleep time, resting heart beat, respiration rate, and a nightly overview.  For example last night I have a great sleep.  My score was 85, total sleep time was 7 hours and 2 minutes, my resting heart rate was 63 beats Beddit_APP_statsper minute and 15.7 breaths per minute.  I went to bed at 9:06pm and fell to sleep 16 minutes later.  Apparently I woke up and rolled around from 1:52am until 2:48am.  Beddit does connect to the iPhone’s health app to give you more detailed description of your sleep pattern.   Beddit can also access your smartphone’s microphone to detect if you snore or not!  There is nothing to wear, no big bumps in your bed, once installed, you will never even know it’s there.  Check them out on-line at and know just how good or bad you sleep at night!  Beddit is available on-line at and in stores at Bed Bath & Beyond!

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