logoYou see it all the time, the mad dash to find a plug to get a charge for a phone.  The seats near a plug in an airport are the first ones taken all the time.  In a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I found people waiting forever to charge their phone.  How would you like to have enough power to charge your phone three times with only a 15 minute wait?  That is exactly what ASAP Dash offers!  ASAP Dash is a portable charging system that once plugged in, can hold enough power to charge your phone three times to full power.  The best feature of the ASAP Dash is that it only takes 15 minutes to fully charge the ASAP Dash.  So while others are attached to a plug into their phone, you are back on the move!  15 minutes of plugging your phone directly into a plug might get you 10-15% charge.  15 minutes of connectedplugging in the ASAP Dash and you are on your way!  After charging, simply plug your phone into the ASAP Dash and you are charging on the go!  OK, you don’t have 15 minutes?  Well plug in the ASAP Dash for just 5 minutes, and you have enough power to fully charge your phone.

The ASAP Dash holds 5000mAh battery capacity.  That’s a lot of power for something that is smaller than most cell phones.  It only weighs 179g and is 13mm thick.  Now this isn’t just for cell phones.  Any device that charges with a standard USB cable can be charged by the ASAP Dash.  An internal chip recognizes the maximum charge rate of your device and charges it to the fullest.

product2The ASAP Dash will start shipping in June 2016.  This device has so much potential they raised over 432% of their Indigo goal. You can gain “early bird access” by visiting their webpage at  The ASAP Dash will definatley change the way you charge your phone, and free you up from being tied to an electrical outlet while waiting for a full charge.  Time is money, get back in the game quicker with ASAP Dash!

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