Boston Bruins Stanley Cup shirt from Antigua!

Unless you have been cut off from all forms of communication, you might have heard that the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup!! So what does that have to do with summer? Even during the hot, and humid weather, you want to look cool. Antigua has a line of golf shirts that help you look great, and keep you cool. The Desert Dry™ line of golf shirts are light weight which trap less body heat, which in turns help you stay cool and dry. So right about now you are probably asking yourself what does that have to do with the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup? Well, I happened to be out shopping for Stanley Cup gear and found a great looking golf shirt with the Bruins’ logo. It should have come as no surprise when I picked up the shirt and it was made by Antigua! One big selling feature for me is something Antigua doesn’t market, and that is that I can pull these shirts out of the dryer and put them right on, wrinkle free! Check out all the great styles for both him and her at and!  For the Bruins shirt, you can purchase from the NHL shop,


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