No matter what the occasion is, let’s face it, men everywhere are always panicking looking for that perfect gift.


You have to start with the nice.  Personal gifts are the best presents and show that you truly care.  With that being said, I am going to recommend aluminum.  OK, I know exactly what you are thinking, “aluminum?  Mike has officially lost his mind!”  Let me introduce you to Aluminyze.  Aluminyze takes your favorite photos and makes an amazing, personal gift.  With a variety of sizes and designs, your favorite photo now has a unique display for your valentine’s home, office, room or even her classroom.  You can customize something special like a heart shaped photo, or take their favorite photo and make multiple pieces for an amazing design!  Aluminum gives you much better quality than paper and can make images seem like they are 3D.  You can have options such as smooth satin, or incredible gloss like glass surface.  In addition to shapes like hearts, letters and clouds, they can make cell phone cases that are difficult to scratch or lose their colors.  Choose your favorite photo of you and your valentine and visit


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