AdventureJumpStart by myCharge

As I sit here during a storm that is going to bring another 12-18 inches of snow to New Hampshire, I figure it’s just a matter of time before I lose power, or even worse, have a dead battery in my car.  The last storm we had, I lost power for 66 hours.  Well, the good news is we have a generator as well as the AdventureJumpStart by myCharge!

Since I have power, my neighbors always come over to charge their phones, get a hot cup of coffee or just get an update on the storm.  The last storm, my neighbor came over to ask if he could get a jump start, as his car was dead in the driveway.  He was shocked when I handed him the AdventureJumpStart and the jumper cable accessory (which is included in the purchase price).  He literally looked at me with and said, “No way this is going to work.”  While I stayed warm in my house, he walked over to his car, attached the jumper cables, and the car started right up.  I will be totally honest here, I wasn’t quite sure it would work as well.  He came back over and started to talk.  We both told stories about how we have waited as long as 2 hours for the auto club to show up to jump start a car, or how many cars drove by us as we were holding jumper cables on the side of the road.  I told him after seeing this work, it will become a fixture in my glove box.

The AdventureJumpStart is 6600mAh lithium battery.  So I know what you are saying, “What does that mean?”  It means it has enough power to charge your phone, ipad or any other portable device to 100% up to 4 times.  The USB port delivers 400 or 200 amps of power to jump start your battery as well.  This portable charging device charges your portable device 65% faster than their competitors and recharges 50% faster as well.

At only 1.2 pounds and 4x2x1 all this power is very compact.  The jumper cables are detachable so you don’t have to worry about carrying those around all day.  It’s portable enough to keep in your backpack, glove box or your back pocket if needed and carries enough power to get you through the day and beyond.

At just $99 the AdventureJumpStart can give you all the power you need, and really help you when you are in a jam.  This is the perfect gift for yourself, or for your kids who just bought their first car.  For all the technical specs, visit

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