Adidas Tour360 3.0 Golf Shoes


If dad is in the market for new golf shoes, look no further than the Adidas Tour360 3.0 golf shoes.  Taking all the best features from the Tour 360, the Tour 360 3.0 is the latest addition to the Tour360 family, which blends comfort, style and stability.  I had the chance to put these to the test early this season, during one of my first rounds; the course was slick as it had just rained 3 straight days in a row, although the course was soaked my feet stayed dry.  More than just keeping your feet dry, grip is far more important.  Uphill, downhill, sideways and yes even in the woods, I could concentrate on my shot knowing I wouldn’t lose my footing.  Where the Adidas Tour 360 3.0 truly shines is the comfort.  The name 360 comes from the proprietary 360wrap that surrounds the midfoot area where other shoes lack support.  Combined with the 3.0 or three-dimensional molding will give dad the fit, comfort, support and grip he needs to attack the course in any situation.  Tour360 3.0 is the second member of the Tour360 line, which incorporates THiNTech technology.  THiNTech incorporates a one-piece TPU sole designed to position your foot closer to the ground, which gives you better stability.  For styles and technology visit Adidas on-line at  If dad grew up in the 80s tell him he can break out the old CDs and sing-a-long with Run DMC to My Adidas.  Maybe they need to update that song for the Adidas Tour 360 3.0 golf shoes!

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