Accell PowerGenius

D080B-024K_image_2With so many cellphones, Bluetooth Speakers and tablets in my house, I have found I need more USB Power Supplies than I have outlets for!  A great gift for a dorm room, or any room in your house is the Accell PowerGenius.

The Accell PowerGenius features four rotating power outlets as well as two 2.4a USB power ports.  All 4 power outlets as well as the 2 USB ports are surge protected.  Simply plug this into a standard outlet, and plug in your devices.

As soon as mine was plugged in, my wife plugged in her computer, my daughter plugged in her cell phone, and I plugged in my new bluetooth speaker.  No need to search for USB power cords, simply plug in with a standard USB cord.

With an MSRP of $21.99 it’s the perfect gift for college students or anyone with a lot of portable devices to charge!  Order yours today at Accell PowerGenius!

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