Accelerator Pro Putting Mat with Ball Return

If you have been a loyal reader of my blog, first of all I would like to say, “Thank You!” secondly, you know I am a horrible putter!  My quest to become a better putter over the winter started with the Cleveland Golf Stubby (  To help even more, I am now using the Accelerator Pro Putting Mat with Ball Return!  I’m sure you have all seen putting mats before, maybe have even used one or two.  So what makes the Accelerator Pro Putting Mat better than the rest?  It’s simple visual aid!  As soon as I started to use this, I found a major flaw in my putting stroke, I wasn’t following through properly.  That is where the visual aid comes into play.  As you can see, there are three distinctive practice areas on the mat.  The first is for a 3-foot putt, the second is for a 5-foot putt and the third is for a 7-foot putt.  If you think about it, those are the lengths of putts that when you miss can kill a good round.  It also happens to be the lengths where most amateurs struggle.  The visual aid offers marks for your back swing and your follow through!  As I said earlier I could instantly tell I was stabbing at the ball instead of having a nice smooth stroke.  In addition to the visual aid, the hole is located on an incline.  This was another flaw of my game as I was often coming up short on my putts.  I need to ensure I am getting the ball to the hole.  Like most times I practice putting, I had three golf balls lined up.  I found out with the ball return, I only needed one.  The true green material gives you a more life like roll which should help once the snow melts and I get back on the course.  For those of you who struggle with your short putts, check out for the Accelerator Pro Putting Mat with Ball Return!  Hopefully we will all be better putters soon!

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