Beddit_APP_tipsJPEvery wonder if you had a good night sleep?  Ever wonder how many times you wake up during the night?  Wonder no more by using Beddit Sleep Monitor!  Beddit monitors several different items as you sleep and the best part is you will never know it!  Beddit utilizes a thin sensor strip that you place on your mattress under all your covers that monitors your heartbeat, respiration and movements while you sleep.  Simply plug the sensor strip into the wall, and connect Beddit using your smartphone, select “start sleeping”  and Beddit does the rest!  When you wake up, simple click “stop monitoring” and Beddit will gather all the information from the night before.  You will get a report showing your nightly score, total sleep time, resting heart beat, respiration rate, and a nightly overview.  For example last night I have a great sleep.  My score was 85, total sleep time was 7 hours and 2 minutes, my resting heart rate was 63 beats Beddit_APP_statsper minute and 15.7 breaths per minute.  I went to bed at 9:06pm and fell to sleep 16 minutes later.  Apparently I woke up and rolled around from 1:52am until 2:48am.  Beddit does connect to the iPhone’s health app to give you more detailed description of your sleep pattern.   Beddit can also access your smartphone’s microphone to detect if you snore or not!  There is nothing to wear, no big bumps in your bed, once installed, you will never even know it’s there.  Check them out on-line at and know just how good or bad you sleep at night!  Beddit is available on-line at and in stores at Bed Bath & Beyond!

energy shotLooking for a great stocking stuffer?  How about giving someone special an Energy Shot?  No not one of those 5 hour energy drinks, the power of 2000mAh to charge their mobile device!  The Energy Shot by MyCharge is available at local stores and will give you power when you need it most!  Let’s face it, with all the new apps out there, people are their mobile device more and more draining valuable power.  With one charge from the Power Shot, you can regain up to 10 hours of talk time.  Packaged to look like an energy drink, it is actually a great boost of energy for your smartphone! Simply plug in your USB cord into the Energy Shot and restore the charge on your device.  The really cool thing about the Energy Shot by MyCharge is that it is rechargeable.  After you charge your device, simply plug the Energy Shot into your wall outlet to regain the power.  Small, portable power is something everyone needs.  If you need even more power, MyCharge has an assortment of power supplies for any device.  Check them out on-line at!

04_Bose SoundLink Color speaker - WhiteWhen it comes to audio there is one name that stands above the rest, Bose!  So on my journey to find a great sounding bluetooth speaker, it was no surprise when I reached my destination to find a Bose product!  This has been a long journey as I have tested several bluetooth speakers.  Most bluetooth speakers promise small packaging with a big sound, but fail to deliver on the big sound.  The Bose® SoundLink® Color is slightly larger than most bluetooth speakers, but the quality of the sound is outstanding!  In addition to the sound, Bose has made it extremely simple to connect to up to 5 different devices, and with voice prompts it is very easy to set-up and start listening.  The SoundLink® Color can connect to two devices at the same time making a transition from one device to another almost seamless.  Colors available are red, blue, black, mint and white to match any color scheme you want.  The SoundLink® Color is the lowest price speaker in the SoundLink® series at $129.95 but I can tell you with confidence this speaker is worth the money.  The phrase “you get what you pay for” really seems to match most bluetooth speakers, in this case you get more than what you pay for!  To view the entire line of SoundLink® product, visit them on-line at!  Red would be perfect surrounding the Christmas season!01_Bose SoundLink Color speaker - Family

*******I have just found a new bucket list item!  I have to play in this tournament!  Three of my favorite things, Bill Murray, Loudmouth Golf and helping wounded warriors!!!  If you win the auction, and need someone to take, I know a guy who is turning 50 on March 31st would be a great present for him (me)!!!*****


Bill Murray PBR Golf ShortsBill Murray and brothers are teaming up with eBay Giving Works and their 2014 Holiday Charity Shop to auction off a chance to join them and golf at the annual Murray Bros. Caddyshack® Charity Golf Tournament.


Auction includes:


  • Two playing spots in the upcoming, sold out, 15th Annual Murray Bros. Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament with VIP access to the events; includes two hotel rooms for two nights and a meet and greet with the Murray Brothers.
  • Bill Murray signed PBR Golf Shorts that were word at the 14th Caddyshack Golf tournament (Picture attached).


All proceeds from the auction will go to purchase an Action Trackchair for an injured veteran. The off-road wheelchair makes it possible for the individual using it to go places they never thought possible – mountain roads, campgrounds, the woods, the beach, through mud or snow, and more.
The auction goes live today and will run through November 20th.

Link to auction here :


Ryobi Phone Works

I receive a lot of products to review.  I often joke saying it is like Christmas at my house every week.  Well when the RYOBI Phone Work tools were delivered, I was like a kid on Christmas morning!  I couldn’t wait to open each tool and see how they work!

When it comes to tools and work around the house, I need all the help I can get!  As soon as I opened the package and looked at the instructions, I immediately downloaded the Phone Works Smartphone App.   This app is essential as it helps sync each one of these tools and lets you get the most out of each one.


Ryobi Phone Works App

Let’s step back for a second and tell you briefly about each one of the available Phone Works tools.  The first package I opened was the Wireless Inspection Scope.  Like the name says, it is a camera that reaches hard places.  I immediately used this on my bathroom tub.  I wanted to check the pipes as they were not draining properly.  Within seconds, I registered and synced the wireless scope with my iPhone.  The scope is equipped with a 3 foot flexible cable and ultra bright LED light.  Through the app, you can even snap photos that you could use if you needed parts or had questions.I simple slid the scope down the pipe, found the problem and fixed it within minutes.

Next is the Stud Finder.  The Stud Finder is not wireless, but it connects quickly through your headphone jack.  The app instantly recognized the Stud Finder once it was registered.  Being a guy, the first thing I did was put it to my chest and made the beeping noise!  Once I was done playing, I put it against the wall.  Pretty simple to operate, one of the cool features is there is a built-in one handed stud marker.  It makes it very easy to mark while using this tool.

Another cool tool is the Laser Distance Measurer.  How many times have you had to measure a distance slightly larger than your measuring tape will reach?  Simply  click on the app, point and you can record length, area, volume, indirect and continuous measurements.  It also includes a built in level for more accurate measurements.  You can take a snapshot of your measurements and keep in your photos for easy reference.

If you don’t need a laser distance measurer but want the laser level function, well Ryobi has a Phone Works Laser Level as well!  It’s important to note that each one of these tools has a handy mount to put on your phone to make these tools easy to use.  This laser level has a crosshair laser and works with the app on your smartphone to ensure you are level and project onto the wall.

Other Phone Works tools include a Laser Pointer, Infared Thermometer, Moisture Meter and to make sure you are not disturbed while working Noise Suppression Earphones! Check out their promotional video to see these in action!

Then check them out on the web at!  Like me, I think you will be very happy that you did!!


B00847KVKK.MAIN If you have been following my weight loss blog ( you know that I have been on a strict diet and exercise plan.  Every morning at 4:45am I am up and running about 4.5 miles with my neighbor.  Needless to say, it is pretty dark at that time of day.  Even more dangerous is the route we take has us on a main road for about a half a mile.  I have been running, trying to carry a small flashlight to warn on coming traffic, it was truly a pain!  I would often drop it when I was taking it out of my sweatpants, and fumble to try to turn it on while running.  It seems simple enough, until you do it before your first cup of coffee!

Well, my problem has been solved, they are called, “Knuckle Lights!”  This is one of those designs where you think, “Brilliant, why didn’t I think of that?”  Knuckle Lights are exactly what they sound like, an extra bright flashlight with a flexible strap that fits around your hands.  The design keeps these light weight lights in front of your knuckles with an easy on and off button on the top of the light.

There are three different settings, high, medium and flash mode.  A simple click of the power button cycles you through the modes.  0069_  These lights are perfect for running, but just as effective for walking, biking, walking your dog, hiking or any outdoor activity where you need to be seen or see!

What is the cost of safety?  Well for these lights, it’s simply $39.99.  Heck, they even supply the AAA batteries and free shipping.  Yes, I know there are less expensive solutions out there, however these are perfect for me and worthy of being named a “Gotta Have Gadget”.  Check them out on-line at!

SmartSquaresStubby_AddressAs the cold months take hold of New England, I have one goal over the winter, simply to become a better putter!  I typically out drive everyone in my foursome by about 20+ yards, but put me over a 3-foot putt and I am a mess!  2 putting every time I am on the green and I consider that a good round.  The problem is, I lack so much confidence on the green, I end up 3 putting and bogey the hole.

I was just introduced to the Cleveland Golf Stubby training club.  It is called the Stubby as this putting aide has a blade that is only a few square inches.  This club forces you to hit the sweet spot!  The nice thing about this club is it weighs the same as a standard putter.  I plan on spending a lot of time with the Stubby over the winter to build the confidence I need on the putting green.  If I can consistently hit solid putts with this club, I know I will have bladeaddimproved my putting stroke knowing I am hitting the sweet spot every time!

My next step will be to combine the Stubby with Cleveland Golf’s Smart Square Blade Putter, to take my training and incorporate it into my game.   As you can see, the Smart Blade Putter has the same design of the Stubby, so I know if I can hit the Stubby, I will hit the sweet spot on the Smart Blade Putter.

I am actually excited as I believe I can sneak in a few more rounds before the snow comes down.  I am confident come this time next year I will be a much better putter!

Cleveland Golf is well known for their wedges, but you really need to check out to see all the exciting new products they have to offer!  They truly have everything you need to make yourself a better golfer!

EvercontactI have been writing Gotta Have Gadget now since 2007!  In the past 7 years, I have received over 25,000 emails from PR firms, Marketing Agencies and manufacturers of cool gadgets!

If you are familiar with ad agencies and pr firms, you know people change jobs constantly!  Actually for my blog and magazine columns that has been great as with any job change, I get introduced to new companies!

As you can imagine, my address box is full of email addresses and contacts.  It would be virtually impossible for me to try to manage these contacts!  In fact, I knew there were so many bad e-mail addresses and contacts that I basically just let my address book go knowing there was a bunch of bad contacts.

Then I found Evercontact!  Evercontact is a plug-in for Gmail, Outlook and!  I downloaded the free trial for Outlook and it immediately started to help me clean up my contacts!  As you can see in the month of October alone (and it is only 10 days into the month) Evercontact has scanned 280 e-mails, and updated my contacts!

Here’s how it works.  Evercontact constantly scans your received e-mails to check for a signature containing vital contact information.  It then captures this information and checks your contact file.  If the contact is in your address book, Evercontact verifies the information.  If anything needs to be updated based on the latest e-mail signature, the contact is updated.  The best part for me is that if the contact is not in your address book, a new contact is created based on the information in the signature!  This is far more information than I would typically put into my contact database as I would just put in the name and e-mail address.  Evercontact extracts the address, phone number, fax number and email address (if all that information is in the e-mail signature).flashback

I was so impressed with Evercontact, that I had to check out their “flashback” feature!  Flashback searched through all the e-mail folders I selected and extracted all the signatures in over 25,000 e-mails.  Yes, I know, I need to clean-up my inbox and saved folders.  I tend to save everything!  You never know when you want to go back and find that PR contact for a new product.  Flashback added 1,185 contacts and updated 68 new contacts!  It has been several years since I last updated all my contacts.  Flashback took about 48 hours to complete and now has my address book up to date!  The nice thing about flashback is my e-mail or computer wasn’t running for 48 hours straight, it took about 15 minutes to create a file from the 25,000+ e-mails.  Then walks you through the process to upload the file and alerts you when the process is done.  Simply follow the next steps and about 10 minutes later, your address book is up to date!

I would encourage you to do what I did, visit and download their free trial version!  It is easy to install and will start updating your address book in minutes!





Golf is such a mental game, sometimes something so simple can make a huge difference.  I am always standing over my driver wondering if I am pointing to the spot I just saw where I wanted to hit my tee shot.  Introducing the ClubCrown by Vive STRIPE.

It really is a simple concept, you can customize your driver with plain stripes, or even with 70 of your favorite collegiate or military designs, all while giving yourself a better visual teamstripeaide to line up your drives!  To make it even easier for you, ClubCrown has an instructional video to show you exactly how easy it is to apply to any driver.  Simply align with the sweet spot on your driver, peel and stick!

Another nice feature is, since golf is very visual sport, if the ClubCrown STRIPE becomes a distraction, simply peel it back off and you are back to your regular driver.  With a wide variety of designs to choose from, I’m certain you can find one that will keep you focused and better align your drives!

Check them out today on-line at!



My wife is a horrible flyer!  Whenever we are scheduled for a flight, her anxiety kicks in and for a few days before the flight you can physically see when she is thinking about flying.  On the day of a flight, she would try to calm herself using prescription drugs and alcohol.  Obviously not the best way to fly!  After the flight landed, it would take her several hours to calm herself once again until a few days before when she would get worked up because we were flying home.

Then I found Captain Tom Bunn and the SOAR program.  I’m going to be honest in saying I was very skeptical when I reached out to Tom.  However, as my wife became worse with every flight, I figured it was worth the try.tom_uniform

A little about Captain Tom.  He is a former Navy Pilot, as well as a Pan Am pilot, he also has a degree in psychology and finished his graduate school to become a therapist.  He was part of the first fear of flying program started by Pan Am in 1975.  He founded SOAR, inc in 1982 and has helped several thousands of customers over come their fear of flying!  With that background, I figured this guy knows his stuff!

The SOAR program is available on DVD or on-line.  I signed up for the on-line course.  My wife was reluctant to start, so I logged in and forced her to start watching the videos.  I will admit, the videos are a little dated versus today’s technology, but it is the messaging that is the most important part of this program.

After watching this promotional video, she recognized herself in several of the points they were talking about!

Her fear of flying became worse after we had kids, she hated the feeling of turbulence and became panicked days before a flight.

We watched the videos together.  I thought it would be better for her if I understood the message and could help her during the flight.  We did the exercises together and prepared for the flight as described in the videos.

Being a Naval and Commercial Pilot, there aren’t too many planes Captain Tom hasn’t had control of.  In a very calm manner he discusses everything that happens to a plane from when they taxi to the runway until it lands at the final destination.  He talks about the back-up systems for the back-up systems for the back-up systems.  My wife’s biggest fear is turbulence!  We watched the video specifically talking about what happens when the plane encounters turbulence.  With one simple exercise (using a glass of water) my wife was amazed at how she thought the plane was reacting and how the plane was actually reacting.

It was now time to fly.  I am glad I watched these videos as it was easy for me to talk to my wife about everything that was happening before, during and after our flight.  Little things as simple as the lights flashing before you leave the gate, to “stepping” as we were taking off, to how little the plane is actually moving during turbulence.  This was by far the best flight we have had in a very long time!

In addition to the course, Captain Tom himself is available to help talk you through some of your anxiety.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this program.  I wish I ordered the DVDs so we could revisit them a few weeks before every flight.  I was amazed at how much my wife recalled from these videos and how she calmed herself by talking through what she saw during this course.

I have to say, “THANK YOU CAPTAIN TOM!!” We are now planning a flight from New Hampshire to Hawaii and I am sure we’ll be talking about this course once again.  If you have even the slightest fear of flying, make sure you check out!  Tell them I sent you!! I’m sure you will be glad you did!!

image004Living in New England is amazing.  With four distinct seasons, the weather can change quickly on any given day.  That is great when you live here, but not so great when you are trying to figure out the best fishing lure to land that huge bass!  Tackle Grab powered by Earnhardt Outdoors helps take out some of the guessing game.  It is a subscription based tackle service that is customized to the region you live in!  Let’s face it, bass in New England are very different from bass down south and how you fish has to be adjusted.  Bass

I was pretty excited when my Tackle Grab arrived and couldn’t wait to try it out.  One of the first things I noticed was the Reaction Strike Frog.  On more than several occasions, I will ask other boats what lures they are biting on and have heard, rev-frog“jumping all over frogs today!”  That is one thing I never had in my tackle box so I was excited to give it a try!

I really like the fact that Tackle Grab takes out the guessing game when it comes to lures.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been sitting in Bass Pro Shop not having a clue what to buy.  Ranging from subscription cost of $12-$15 per month, you can have new lures delivered right to your front door!

If you visit there are actually videos there on how to get the most out of these lures.  I think that is just as important as using the right lure.  You want to ensure you spend some time there watching the pros teach you how to make the lure more attractive to fish and to get them to bite!  While you are there, check out all the subscription options and see what works best for you!  There is also a gift subscription if you want to surprise your favorite fisherman!

The Pill Golf


OK, I’ll admit it!  When “The Pill” showed up at my door, I opened up the package and had no idea what to do with these things!  After visiting and watching a quick video, I knew exactly what I needed to do.  I’ll come out and say it, I am a horrible putter!  Anything that I can try to help my putting, I am all in!!  So as soon as I hit the practice green, I opened up my bag and put The Pill to work.  The Pill has an interesting design as it has the feel of a real golf ball, but only about 1/3 of the size.  The design of The Pill is the key to it’s success.  I received instant feedback from my putting stroke.  As I saw in the video, The Pill reacted to my closed face while putting.  Once I got the feel of The Pill, I honestly believe I was putting better.  I had a better feel for my putts, and when I missed, I had a pretty good idea of exactly what I did.  In the past I was simply guessing and over correcting.

Now before every round I am on the putting green using The Pill to warm up.  The cool thing about The Pill is you can also lay it flat to practice hitting down on the ball while chipping to give you more backspin.


So if you have trouble chipping or putting, do what I did and visit here’s hoping it can help your game like it did mine!

AFO-DFX-BLACK-DRIVER-2TSince 1916 PowerBilt has been manufacturing golf clubs!  I’ll be honest, I sometimes forget they have been around that long!  However, with that kind of history, PowerBilt continues to evolve with the game and has put a new driver in my bag!  Now for those of you who know me, I am very particular when it comes to drivers!  The PowerBilt Air Force One DFX is powered by Nitrogen technology making the ball explode off this driver.  Nitrogen technology provides face stability without added weight to the driver.  Don’t be fooled thinking you need to spend $500+ on a driver to get distance and control.  At less than $300 the Air Force One DFX gives me everything I need from a driver and more.  Available with a variety of custom shafts (at a cost) you can customize your driver to your specifications.  So before you reach for one of the “big named” or “expensive” driver, check out the 2014 PoweBilt Air Force One DFX, you just maybe surprised!

HeadphonesI’ve said it here before and I will say it again, “I have tiny ears!”  What does that mean? That means trying to find earphones that fit and sound great was next to impossible!  That was until I tried the Decibullz Contour Custom Molded Earphones!  Sure that is a mouthful to say, but as described they are a custom molded earphone to fit exactly to YOUR ear!  What that means is a great fit, but more importantly great sound!  These earphones are just a few simple steps to custom fitting into your ear which helps block out surrounding noise while giving you the flexibility to do any kind of exercise without the worry of falling out!  The package also comes with 3 sizes (S, M & L) silicone tips that work in conjunction with the custom molding to give you the best quality sound.  These earphones are low profile, so you can wear them under your hat or even under your bike helmet.  There is an in-line remote and microphone so you can use your Case_Molds_and_Tips_Imagecell phone easily while exercising as well.  Nice feature, but unless I am walking, I never answer the phone…lol!  At only $59.00 these earphones have a great sound, and perfect fit for the price.  Check them out on-line at

Mosquitno Bands + SpotzLet’s face it, mosquitoes are a pain in the ass!  It doesn’t matter if you are fishing, at a cookout, bonfire or golfing, no one wants to be pestered by mosquitoes.  Now, you could get that mosquito spray and that keeps them and most people away from you because you smell horrible, or you can do what I do, use the Mosquitno BandZzz!  Mosquitno is a deet free, all natural, non-toxic mosquito repellent!  On their website they have several options between bands and stickers (which they call SpotZzz), however I want to specifically talk about the BandZzz.  As you know, I am a big fisherman and golfer, so I am always up against mosquitoes.  I found the BandZzz to be a very effective, non-smelly way to keep them away!  Available in both adult and kids sizes, I am far more comfortable slipping on a wristband than having my kids close their eyes and mouth while I cover them in spray!  Simple slide on the wristband and forget about the bugs!  They last up to 6 days and come with a resealable package to keep them fresh! The bands are waterproof, so I don’t have to worry when I lean down to pull out that big bass I just caught!  I have worn a few wristbands in support of one cause or another, so after I put it on, I completely forgot about it.  It was only until others started getting bit that I realized there were no bugs around me.  You have to order these products on line, and there was a back order last time I checked (until July 10th), so make sure you visit and get your order in today!

RainCommander RC1200

The time had come where I had to replace my 17 year old sprinkler controller.  The display was so bad, I could hardly program it as the display was so faded.  I can’t tell you how many times I set a zone for 5 minutes and ran outside to make adjustments on the sprinkler heads.  It was getting a little crazy, I figured there had to be a better way.

I had feared for years that changing out the controller would be a nightmare.  Then I found the RainCommander RC1200!  I was told it would be extremely easy to set-up and was a Wi-Fi based controller.  I knew this was the controller for me!

When the unit arrived, I quickly opened it to see if I was in for trouble.  It looked pretty straight forward so I headed to my basement.  I used my cell phone to take a picture of the wires and which color went to which zone.  I then carefully removed them and put them in the same order in the RC1200.  I finished re-wiring in about 15 minutes.  I thought to myself, “Ok it can’t be that easy!”  Well it was.  However, that was just the first step.

As you can see from the picture above, there is no clock or awkward dial on the front to program each zone.  The beauty of this device is that is all done via their webpage or a cell phone app.  I thought to myself, “OK here is where the fun begins!”  To be honest, I couldn’t connect the RC1200 to my wireless router right away.  Well a quick visit to their troubleshooting page instructed me to go to my router settings and enable “wireless b”.  As soon as I did I was up and running!  I was able to easily connect the RC1200 and control everything from my iPhone!  In addition, since it is web based, when I lost power, I didn’t need to reprogram everything.  Just reconnect to my router and I was back in business!

The funny thing is, my sprinkler company came out to adjust some sprinkler heads the other day because I did a lot of yard work to open up some new areas that needed watering.  When the tech arrived, I met him at the door and we walked my property.  I opened the RainCommander app (available on the app store for free) and started each zone.  He was amazed I could do this from my phone!

If you want complete control of your sprinkler system, I highly recommend the RC1200 by RainCommander.  Check them out on-line at!


hairNow if someone had approached me to use hair product a year ago I would have laughed!  I typically keep my hair very short.  However since I signed up for the Kids Cancer Buzz Off, I have not cut my hair since January 29, and won’t cut it until the event on June 8th ( !

The good news for my friends at New York Streets is the picture you are seeing here is BEFORE I used their product.  As you can see by not cutting my hair it has become a mess.  This is when I turned to New York Streets “Grid Lock”.  Now the last time I used anything in my hair it was called “Gel!”  Ya I know, it probably was in the ’80s.

So looking like hell, I had to do something.  It was perfect timing when I received an e-mail from New Your Streets to try their new product.  A simple squeeze of “Grid Lock” and my hair is easily held in place and looking good.  It has been windy as hell here in Boston, and after a nice long walk around the city I still look damn good.GridlockTube

Being a Boston guy, it kills me to recommend anything with the words “New York” in the title, but “Grid Lock” by New York Streets has really saved me from looking totally ridiculous!

New York Streets makes all sorts of products to help you look your best.  Products include shampoo, conditioners, hair repair and everything you might need for the top of your head!  My only question becomes after the Kids Cancer Buzz-Off do they have anything to shine my bald head??  Check out everything New York Streets has to offer at

Linksys WRT1900AC Router_FinalOld school design with new school speed!  The Linksys WRT1900AC Dual Gigabyte Wi-Fi router will get you where you need to go and FAST!

This is a true story!  I received an e-mail from Comcast telling me my internet speed was just set to burst mode of 105 Mpbs.  When I went to I wasn’t getting anywhere near that speed!  After a call to customer service, I was told my router was too slow and couldn’t handle the speed!

With the addition of the Linksys WRT1900AC and the AE6000 mini wireless AC dual band adapter, I was at speeds better than 105 Mbps.  With so many devices being connected to your Wi-Fi router, I am going to challenge you to check your internet speed.  Go to right now and see how you measure up!  So many people pay for faster internet speeds and have no idea it is probably their router slowing them down.

If you have older computers in your house and don’t have a dual band router, the speed on your newer device will actually be slowed down because of your older devices.  Dual band means you can connect your 2.4 GHz devices and your 5.0 GHz devices getting the maximum speed out of each!

You have probably heard of Wireless-G and Wireless-N, but have you heard the fastest available on the market now is Wireless-AC?  With the combination of the Linksys WRT1900AC and AE6000 adapter you will be cruising the internet, or playing your favorite game with virtually ZERO lag!

Now if you are not a computer geek like I am, you are probably asking yourself, “how do I hook this up?”  I was done with installation in about 10 minutes.  That includes time to take it out of the box.  I have had a hard time connecting other routers to my network, however I was AMAZED at how easy this was.  With only about 5 steps you will be up and running faster than before.

I’m not sure I like the faster speed better or the wide coverage range better!  As you can see the WRT1900AC has four antennas to give your house or office maximum coverage.  I am picking up stronger signals than I ever have in remote parts of my house and on my deck!

I also like the fact of how easy it is to connect to the router to check your settings and connected devices.  With Linksys Smart Wi-Fi you can control the router from your computer, or access it remotely or even on your smart phone!  You can add new devices through the program or even with a push of the WPS button on the back of the unit.

Before you pay more for faster internet, make sure your router can handle the speed!  For technical specifications visit WRT1900AC Dual Band Wireless AC Router, believe me you won’t be disappointed!

NuMiAs you have seen on this blog, I have been asked to be part of the NSNation bloggers to take part in a weight loss challenge. You can follow my progress here  I also asked people to join me to lose weight and become more healthy.

Well if you don’t think a pre-packaged food plan is for you, Nutrisystems has developed a new app to help you lose weight.  I don’t typically post things before testing myself, however this was just announced and I think is a big break through to help people lose weight.

***The following is from a Nutrisystems press release!  I will provide additional feedback after I test this app***

Nutrisystem, Inc., a leading provider of weight management products and services, announced today the launch of NuMi™ by Nutrisystem, a flexible, new digital weight loss system for the do-it-yourself dieter as well as dieters transitioning from a structured meal plan or looking for a post-diet weight maintenance program. Backed by over 40 years of weight loss expertise combined with cutting-edge technology, NuMi™ offers an interactive solution for the nutritional, emotional and physical components of a weight loss journey.

NuMi — How It Works:

The NuMi™ digital weight loss system is designed to take real life into account on the journey to lose weight. It’s not focused on any particular nutrient, ingredient or food group. It’s focused on an individual’s weight loss goals and changing needs. With NuMi, Nutrisystem is pioneering a new approach to lose weight, the company calls“Responsive Dieting.” Responsive Dieting is adaptive to an individual’s food preferences, lifestyle, metabolism, activity level and weight loss goals. NuMi provides:

  • Behavior modification: NuMi’s patent pending behavior modification system, tracks everyday moments that affect weight loss, including “Victories,” “Wobbles” and “Slip-ups,” and provides real time insights and guidance throughout the weight loss journey;
  • One-on-one real time mentoring: On demand live chat with the NuMi™ squad, a dedicated coaching team available 7-days a week, who motivate, listen and provide weight loss advice all in real time
  • Personalization:  NuMi’s weight loss system personalizes and adjusts daily calorie goals based on a user’s overall goals and lifestyle;
  • Solutions for eating out:  Eat out menu recommendations at over 300 restaurants/chains;
  • Solutions for eating in: More than 12,000 expertly curated and nutritionist reviewed eat in recommendations;
  • Activity suggestions: Over 200 every day activity suggestions based on lifestyle, location and time;
  • Integration with fitness devices: Integration with a variety of activity trackers and wifi scales automatically uploaded into a user’s NuMi™ weight loss plan.

NuMi can be used on a desktop or smartphone with seamless synching. It is available for download in the iTunes App Store now and will be coming to the Google Play Store soon. To learn more about NuMi, visit on the web or mobile device.



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Every once and a while you just ask yourself, “What the F$%K am I doing?”  I admit it, I bought into all the big brand marketing schemes.  My former razor has a “AA” battery to make the handle vibrate.  I paid over $20 for an 8 pack of refills.  Hell, I would try to go 2 1/2 weeks between changing blades knowing I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg again for new blades!  So like many people, I saw the above video on a facebook post.  I laughed, chuckled and shared the video.  Did I join?  Not right then.  I found myself searching for coupons to get my favorite blades cheaper.  Well, finally dawn broke over marble head!  I decided, what the heck, I’ll try out the dollar shave club.  So I visited!  They have 3 different options ($1, $6 or $9) blades.  I went with the “Executive” or the $9 version.  The package arrived quickly and came with a few bonus items (shave butter and gentleman wipes).  I am going to be honest and tell you #1 I hate shaving, #2 I have to shave in the shower because I bleed like a Zombie if I don’t.  I was a little skeptical but figured one shave wouldn’t hurt.  I tried the Shave Butter and was very nervous that it wasn’t the typical big white shaving cream I typically use.  The first shave was GREAT!  I think you are going to get a good shave with any new razor, so I waited for days 3, 4 and 5.  Well, its been several weeks and all I can say is I am still getting a GREAT shave.  With the cost of these blades, I can put a new blade on every week and not have to worry about the high cost.  Dollar Shave Club’s video claims “Our blades are F$&king Great!” and I would have to agree!  Take my advice, visit today, sign up and use the money you save to buy yourself something awesome!


When it comes to computers, I am just as big as a geek as I am with electronics, so when I was asked to test out System Mechanic I figured my computer was clean and running at optimal performance.  Well, I was wrong.  After a deep scan of my computer there were several problems that were identified.  System Mechanic by iolo labs scans your computer (and continues to run in the background) to diagnose and fix over 30,000 different PC problems.  Items such as Registry Revitalizer, LiveBoost, EnergyBooster, NetBooster and Startup Optimizer are just a few features of System Mechanic.  Being a computer and electronic geek has its drawbacks.  I am always on-call for all my family members.  With that being said, I thought this would be a GREAT opportunity to put System Mechanic to the ultimate test.  I sm_screenshots_problems_largeinstalled System Mechanic on my dad’s laptop.  He is always calling and complaining that his new computer is running slow or giving him error messages.  I installed System Mechanic over 3 weeks ago and he hasn’t called me once since it was installed!  If System Mechanic can find and solve problems on my dad’s laptop, I have complete faith in this product!  Iolo labs offers several different products to help your computer run faster and stay secure.  To check out all they have to offer, visit believe me you won’t be disappointed.


Horror In Clay is a small company specializing in fine horror-themed barware and accessories, most known for their 2013 release of the Cthulhu Tiki mug.  Much like a clothing line, each Horror In Clay mug has complimentary artifacts that tell its story.  Jonathan Chaffin, the creative director, has a “bible” like you would find for a stage play that lists facts and details he wants each mug and artifact to reference or adhere to.  Their newest mug, The Innsmouth Fogcutter, is intended to be from the Gilman House hotel; a locale made famous in a Lovecraft story. This large Tiki mug also has an original backstory that is revealed through digital artifacts and other physical pieces (some of which are available as rewards through Kickstarter).

The Innsmouth Fogcutter currently has a project on Kickstarter to aid with a production run of at least 1000. The project has numerous pledge levels, which include such unspeakable oddities as The Gilman House Hand-towel, an Esoteric Order of Dagon Fez ( designed in collaboration with, a screen-printed Evolution of a Deep One shirt and more! You can contribute by visiting the Innsmouth Fogcutter Tiki Mug’s official Kickstarter page

Find other fine Horror In Clay products and information on Facebook at, on Google Plus,  at, or follow them at Twitter at @CthulhuMug.


lock-fob-One thing I never leave the house with anymore is my smartphone.  I can’t tell you how many times I have left the house Smartphone-Appwithout my keys.  Now I can put my smartphone to good use with the Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt lock.  With the Kevo, I can lock and unlock my front door utilizing their iPhone app and bluetooth technology.  In addition to my smartphone, utilizing a supplied FOB the days of inserting a key to lock or unlock the door is over.  When I leave the house I simple touch the lock to activate the deadbolt.  I receive instant feedback with both a visual color and sound that the door is locked.  When I return, I simply touch the lock again to unlock the deadbolt.  The Kevo even knows when I am inside the house or outside.  So if I am inside and approach the door, if someone touches the lock on the outside the lock stays locked!  What is even more cool is that if I want to send an electronic key to a neighbor, friend or relative I simply e-mail them and they can download to their smartphone and unlock the door.  This is great for when I am on vacation and want to have someone check on the house.  I don’t have to leave a key under the doormat anymore and receive a message when they activate the lock.  I also want to tell you how easy this was to install!  Mine was installed with my smartphone and FOB calibrated in less than 45 minutes.  For those who know I am not a construction guy at all know this is easy to install.  Face it, if I can install this lock in under 45 minutes, someone who knows what they are doing can install it in 30 minutes or less!  To view the Kevo in action, you can see videos at


How many do you see with a cracked screen?  Small pieces of plastic may keep your screen clean, however they will not protect them from shattering!  Armorz Stealth Extreme screen protection is among the best I have seen!  I have actually cracked my screen when I tossed my tennis racket into my gym bag.  It hit it just right and bam, there goes the screen.  Armorz will protect your screen from scratches, cracking and everything else.  With the cost of replacing a screen or smartphone, Armorz Stealth Extreme is worth the investment!  They have different levels of thickness depending on your use and environment.  For example someone in the construction field will need more protection than someone in sales!  To find the right fit for your smartphone, visit