Gotta Have Gadgets for Spring

April 26, 2017 mconrad 0

Although it’s April and there is still snow on the ground in New Hampshire, it is opening day at Fenway Park so spring can’t be too far away! Here are some Gotta Have Gadgets to help you enjoy the nice weather!

Motorola Moto Z Droid

September 26, 2016 mconrad 0

The coolest thing that makes the Moto Z Droid a Gotta Have Gadget is simply the Moto Mods. Short for modular, the Moto Mods easily attach to the Z Droid to make this phone even more powerful!

Cobra King F6 Irons

July 25, 2016 mconrad 1

When I didn’t make solid contact, or hit toward the heel of the club, there was a lot more forgiveness in these irons.

Stoner Car Care

May 3, 2016 mconrad 0

The first nice day in New England, I took the Stoner Car Care box out to the driveway and started to clean my car. I was actually amazed at how easy it was to clean my car to “detailed” quality with all these products.

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

March 9, 2016 mconrad 0

I test drove the Rav4 Hybrid Limited edition for a period of one week. Over that week, I put about 500 miles in various conditions. I want to preface this by saying, I do not drive a hybrid trying to get every mile I can out of it, actually chances are I will be passing you on the highway in the high speed lane.


February 21, 2016 mconrad 0

You see it all the time, the mad dash to find a plug to get a charge for a phone. The seats near a plug in an airport are the first ones taken all the time. In a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I found people waiting forever to charge their phone. How would you like to have enough power to charge your phone three times with only a 15 minute wait?

Accell PowerGenius

December 20, 2015 mconrad 0

With so many cellphones, Bluetooth Speakers and tablets in my house, I have found I need more USB Power Supplies than I have outlets for! A great gift for a dorm room, or any room in your house is the Accell PowerGenius.

Aspire Eyewear

December 1, 2015 mconrad 0

I would like to introduce you to Aspire Eyewear. The first thing I noticed when I opened the case was there is no hard connection to the glasses from the earpiece. You know what I am talking about, where that annoying screw is that always seems to need tightening. Aspire Eyewear’s design includes a screwless hinge that allows far more flexibility than any other glasses. As far as the earpieces, Aspire calls their proprietary material SDN-4, I simply call it brilliant! SDN-4 is a specially designed nylon that is incredibly strong, light weight, heat resistance material that gives you that “barely there” feeling. SDN-4 makes Aspire Eyewear 50% lighter and 50% thinner than plastic frames, and 22% lighter than titanium frames.


November 28, 2015 mconrad 1

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a fisherman? You have to check out the iBobber, by Reel Sonar. The iBobber is a castable fishfinder to help your favorite fisher locate the big fish. The iBobber connects via Bluetooth to a iPhone, iPad or tablet for Android. Once connected to your phone or tablet, simply cast the iBobber out to locate fish down to 135 feet deep!

Experience Buick LA Auto Show

November 19, 2015 mconrad 1

Our final destination on our experience Buick tour took us to Los Angeles. The LA Auto Show is the last of the big yearly auto shows and gives manufacturers a platform to introduce their 2017 premier vehicle. Buick took this opportunity to show everyone the 2017 Buick LaCrosse.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

November 5, 2015 mconrad 0

There are very few companies out there, that when you hear their name you automatically think great audio. Creative is one of those companies.

2016 Buick Regal AWD GS

October 19, 2015 mconrad 1

I had the opportunity to take a test drive of a 2016 Buick Regal AWD GS. The Regal GS is a combination of luxury, technology and performance. Complete with leather heated front seats, a powerful Bose audio system, heated steering wheel, sport designed gas/brake pedals and digital display makes the interior of this vehicle is stunning.